Gluten Free Spices

Gluten Free Spices


Gluten Free Butter Chicken Spices


Indian food is among the most gluten-free friendly of cuisines.

Replace Naan and Roti breads with Rice to enjoy a vast array of delicious food without compromising on flavour. 

Most herbs and spices do not contain any gluten, though some unscrupulous suppliers may add wheat flour as a filler to bulk up volumes. Which is why it is important to buy your spices only from trusted suppliers.   

Spicecraft Butter Chicken kits are entirely gluten free. In fact the annual Gluten Free Expo continues to be one of our biggest events of the year. 

All our spices are freshly roasted, ground and packed right here in Sydney. 

We take great care to avoid any cross contamination, however some trace amounts of gluten may be present. Please contact us on if this is likely to be a concern.       



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