Holi - the festival of colours

Holi - the festival of colours

Colour powder flying through the air, water fights and water balloons, bonfires, family, friends and food. Welcome to Holi, the Indian festival of colour.

Holi marks the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm across India, particularly in the Northern states.

If you are out on the street during Holi, be prepared to be coloured from head to toe by complete strangers. Red, pink, yellow, blue, green, even gold and black. It is one big party without boundaries.

The roots of Holi go back into stories of Lord Krishna flirting with his mate Radha and her milkmaids in the gardens of Vrindavan. Other tales speak of Holika who sat in a burning pyre with her brother Prahalad at her demon father's behest.  


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