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Spices and Ingredients

Ever wonder why food made using jars and packets from the supermarket never tastes like what you get in a good Indian restaurant? It is all about the quality of ingredients and freshness of the spices. You can’t make beautiful Indian food without quality ingredients.

Take the spices that go into the marinade and sauce mixes. Kashmiri red chilli gives the dish it’s vibrant red colour and a deep smoky heat without being fiery hot.

Mace and Cardamom spices are as much for aroma as they are for flavour.  

The bitterness of Fenugreek leaves is essential to create that distinctive taste profile that makes Butter Chicken one of the best loved curries in the world.

Even the salt in the spice mixes is Himalayan salt known for its purity and health benefits.

Basmati rice, much like fine wine, gets better with age. Perfectly cooked rice is aromatic, long grained, fluffy and non sticky. SpiceCraft kits teach the proper way to cook good rice. Be prepared to find out just why Basmati is known as the king of rice.

Saffron is considered to be the most expensive spice in the world, with Persian saffron known to be of the highest quality. It takes over 100,000 individual saffron flowers to make a single gram of the spice.

Fortunately just a few strands of this potent spice are enough to give our rice the luxurious aroma and colour we want.


Who doesn’t love poppadums? They are so easy to make - 30 seconds in the microwave on both sides and boom, ready for munching. The delightful little crispy balls called boondi for the raita will lift a simple yogurt raita to another level. The boondi raita and poppadums are a match made in heaven.